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My life’s mission has been to work as a partner with people experiencing depression, anxiety, confusion, loss, trauma, and deep disappointment.  I appreciate helping those who need to set new life goals or want an improved optimism and energy for their lives.
I am a kind and encouraging person, comfortable with people of widely differing life experiences and aspirations, and particularly skilled at meeting people where they are and helping them discern what they want in life. I then help them decide the approach necessary to accomplish their goals.
My decades of training have helped me address all aspects of emotional, thought, personality development disorders, and issues resulting from the legacy of trauma. The decades have included training in work with individuals, families, and couples.  Some of the treatment modalities I use are cognitive behavioral health therapy, trauma-informed care, insight-oriented psychotherapy, coaching in symptom management, amelioration of grief and loss, and improving communication skills.  I also have substantial training and experience in counseling and family therapy with children and adolescents and their families.

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